How to Give the Best Gift Ever

How to Give the Best Gift Ever

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Wondering how to be the best gift giver ever? Giving the best gift is all about finding something that is meaningful to the recipient. It could be something that reminds them of something they love or something that relates to their personality. Or maybe it’s something homemade that would be the most meaningful gift you could give to them!

Ultimately, the best gift comes from the heart and is catered to the person you’re gifting it to. It may take some thought and planning, but the effort will be worth their reaction in the end!

Elements of an Awesome Gift

An awesome gift is thoughtful and shows that you put effort in to making them smile. It can be made extra special by adding a personal touch, like a hand-written card paired with a gift that only the two of you will understand!

Consider including a heartfelt note, a meaningful keepsake, or a fun activity. The best gifts are those that show how much you care!

5 Tips to Pick Out an Awesome Gift

It can be daunting when shopping for someone, but it doesn’t have to be hard! Here are 5 tips that will help you pick out an awesome gift!

What does the person enjoy?

Think about who you’re getting a gift for and what they love the most! Is it dogs? Plants? This will help you start brainstorming different types of gift ideas to shop for.

Shop Around

The best thing about the internet these days, is that you don’t have to settle on the first thing you see. Take the time to browse different shops to find something truly unique and special.

Make Sure the Gift Fits the Occasion

This is an easy one, but oddly enough it gets overlooked. You won’t want to shop up to Father’s Day with a card that doesn’t speak to the occasion! Although, any message you include can surely have anyone overlook the mistake.

Write a Special Message

Remember that last tip? Writing a meaningful message in any card you will be sure to make any amazing gift, MORE amazing. Just remember how it feels to get a card in the mail that isn’t junk, and how exciting it is to open! The more meaningful the message, the more likely they keep the card you put so much effort into!

Have Fun with Wrapping the Gift

Don’t forget to wrap it up all nice! Gift wrapping can add the perfect finishing touch to any gift! Invest in some nice wrapping paper (this is our current favorite) and ribbons to make your gift extra special! You can even add some extra flair to the card’s envelope. Here are our best tips on how to dress up an envelope.

Are you shipping your gift?

Shipping your gift can be a straightforward process. You may have various options depending on your gift’s size, weight, and value. You can use the local postal service for smaller, lightweight items. For larger, heavier, or more valuable items, you may want to use a specialized shipping company like UPS or FedEx. Regardless of your choice, package your gift securely and include the recipient’s address! If you’re shipping internationally, you may need to fill out an additional customs form.