How to Address a Beautiful Envelope

How to Address a Beautiful Envelope

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When I first got into hand lettering, one of my favorite things to do was letter envelopes. Personalized envelopes can make anyone who opens up their mailbox fill with joy!

So if you’re looking to address beautiful envelopes to send off to loved ones this season, here’s how!

Have Fun with Color!

Who are you sending a card to, and what are you celebrating? If you’re just saying hi, think about their favorite colors! If it’s for a holiday, maybe create a color palette that’s themed for the holiday. The options are endless when you play with color.

Play with Different Styles

This is where the magic happens! Create fun new ways to address the envelope. My favorite hack is this envelope address template, which will help you with straight lines as you address your envelope.

I also love playing with colorful gel pens like these, to shake up the design and texture. You can differentiate the importance of text using various colors, or compliment your lettering with fun illustrations in another color.

Find a Fun Envelope!

There are so many different types of envelopes to choose from nowadays! If you really want to send a unique letter in the mail, you can find square envelopes or other shapes that will be sure to stick out!

Seal the Deal

Ensure your letter stays in tact with an extra detail! There are so many different washi tape designs to choose from, or you could even play with wax seals! Whichever you go with will be sure to make someone smile.

Addressing envelopes can be a fun way to turn something average into another piece of art. Whatever you create will stand out in the pile and make whoever you send it to, smile.