This Is Why You Need an Undated Planner

This Is Why You Need an Undated Planner

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through many planners. You’ve maybe even tried bullet journaling and ended up with sticky notes and many to-do lists in various places. I get it, I tend to start with a new planner each year, and it doesn’t seem to meet my needs which is when it ultimately ends up in the unused stack of planners that I can never use again.

That was until I started creating my own undated planners! This system has been so helpful because I can organize my weekly and daily to-do lists for both work and personal tasks! I never miss a beat, and I can even create and track habits to make sure I ACTUALLY do them.

Never miss a page with undated weekly planners.

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If you currently use a dated planner, you know that you must skip the entire page when you miss a week or a day. So many pages go to waste just because you missed a day or two.

The best part about undated planners is you can grab your favorite design and start using it immediately. Gone are the days of skipping through 6 months of dated pages to start a planner mid-year.

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Undated planners allow for flexibility.

Using an undated planner allows you to be flexible and use it at your own convenience. Skip days, or weeks when you aren’t able to use your planner and pick right up on the following page to start using it again! There’s no pressure when you can use it at your own pace.

Perfect for both short-term and long-term planning and goals

Undated planners are perfect for short-term AND long-term planning and goals. Use it three months at a time or as long as you can to keep your life organized! I love undated planners because they are perfect for goal planning and task-racking. Plus, you can choose how many months ahead you want to plan, which is perfect.

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