Creative Ways to Use and Re-purpose Greeting Cards

Creative Ways to Use and Re-purpose Greeting Cards

Many people have boxes of greeting cards that are collecting dust in their homes. This blog post will provide creative ideas for using and re-purposing these beautiful cards!

How to Re-use Your Greeting Cards

Greeting cards can be re-purposed in many different ways. The possibilities are endless, from using them as unique artwork to upcycling them into useful items such as bookmarks or postcards! That way, you can save the special message on the inside and re-use the beautiful design to keep sharing the love!

Here are some ideas on how to re-use your greeting cards:

  • Frame them: You can turn your favorite greeting cards into art by framing them. Choose a beautiful card and frame it on its own or with other cards.
  • Make bookmarks: Cut out the front of the card and attach a tassel to the top to make a unique bookmark.
  • Upcycle them: Cut out the front of the card and use it to make a collage, journal cover, or scrapbook page.
  • Create gift tags: Cut out the parts of the card you like and use them to make custom gift tags.
  • Decorate a planner: Cut out fun designs from the card and use them to decorate your planner or calendar.
  • Make gift wrap: Cut out the design from the card and use it to wrap your gifts.
  • Use them as postcards: Write a message on the back of the card and use it to send a postcard.
  • Recycle them: If all else fails, recycle your greeting cards so they can be used again.

Re-purpose Your Greeting Cards into Wall Art

Greeting cards can also be used to brighten up your home. Decorating with greeting cards is a wonderful way to add a touch of personalization to your space. From framing a special card to creating a wall installation with many cards, there are many creative uses for greeting cards in home decor. Hennel Paper Co. greeting cards are all 5x7, which fit perfectly into any 5x7 frame for your home!

Don’t hide your cards, show them off!

Greeting cards can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking for a way to send a special message to a loved one or add some personalization to your home, re-purposing greeting cards is an easy and creative way to do so.