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Adventures in North Carolina: Oak Island

Our most recent trip was to Oak Island, a seaside town on the southeast coast of North Carolina. Less commercialized than the ever amazing Wrightsville Beach, this is the perfect little town for a relaxing beach weekend. We spent most of our time on beautiful Long Beach, walking for miles with no end in sight. Long Beach allows dogs year round, which is one of the major reasons we decided to visit. We love including our pup on our trips and he loves it just as much. This was his first trip to the ocean and once he stopped barking at the waves he really started loving the beach. He was soaked in salt and sand, spent hours chasing the birds and discovered a real distaste for the pelicans. It might be because I'm not accustomed to seeing pelicans on a regular basis, but I actually really like them. They fascinate me and are entertaining to watch as they plop into the water looking for their next meal.

If you're in Carolina and looking for the perfect little beach town getaway, this is it. The only thing about this trip that I didn't like was the fact that we couldn't stay longer.

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Three Years of Marital Wonderfulness + a Little Adventure

Last week Steve and I celebrated our three year anniversary. It's pretty much been a whirlwind ever since we met. The time is just flying by, each day gets better and our relationship grows stronger and stronger. Getting married was a welcomed, but somewhat scary transition for me. I've always been extremely independent and completely ok on my own. I liked taking care of myself and having the sense of pride that comes along with that. So moving in and joining my life with another person was an adjustment, but I am proud of both of us. We've learned how to go from "me" to "we", if you will excuse the cheesiness of that phrase, and we're doing a really great job at it. We've moved to a place in our relationship where we feel strong and act as a single unit, while still maintaining our own unique individuality. That's not always the easiest thing to do. Marriage is a wonderful adventure, friends.

This year to celebrate, we went on our own little adventure. We both really love to travel, so we planned a quick trip up north to see the beautiful wine country of Traverse City, Michigan. Since it was just an overnight trip we thought it would be really fun to bring our Westie, Linus, with us. He loves the car, going places, and anything that involves his leash, but most of all he loves being included. Anytime we leave the house without him his little face goes from super excited to super sad. It breaks my heart every single time. So this time, he got to go. I've rarely seen him so excited. He was racing through the house at full speed with that huge Westie smile on his face, I couldn't get him in the car fast enough. He is just like having a little kid, except furrier. It turned out to be a pretty drizzly weekend, but the scenery was still absolutely beautiful. We caught the end of the autumn colors, drove up the Old Mission Peninsula through wine country and walked around downtown sipping pumpkin lattes, mmm. Short little trips like this are such a nice break from reality that give you the chance to slow down and relax. These are a few photos I was able to snap through the rain.

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Vacationing in the U.P.

For Steve's 30th birthday we took a little road trip north to the upper peninsula of Michigan. It is so gorgeous up there, I just can't get enough of the fresh air, wide open spaces and lack of traffic. We both spend a lot of time commuting around the city, so this was such a nice break for both of us.

Straight up I-75 north over the Mackinac bridge to Paradise. No really, the city's name is Paradise, MI. How awesome would it be to live in Paradise?! We visited the Tahquamenon Falls and the Oswald Bear Ranch where we got to see oodles of black bears in huge natural habitats. The only thing between us and the giant bears were a double row of chain link fences. It did take me a while to feel comfortable walking around that close, but the experience was pretty incredible. There were a few sassy little cubs running around who, to my surprise, love to eat fruit loops. That's right, fruit loops.

From Paradise and the bears we went to Munising. It was our first trip there and my oh my, the scenery is beautiful. We went around to a ton of different waterfalls. Some of the best were the Munising and Miners Falls.

We also took a trip to Miners Castle and went on a sunset ferry tour of the Pictured Rocks. On the ferry ride we saw a bald eagle, probably the only time I had my camera off the entire trip. I think my favorite part of vacations are taking the photos. I love bringing back the memories for later. 


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Life Lessons: Seven

Day seven of the Life Lessons hand lettering group project -  Use Your Vacation Days. And I mean all of them, because nobody is going to think you are more awesome if you let them expire. Just the opposite actually. So get out there and have fun. Its the best way to recharge and stay motivated. More information on this project and how to join in can be found here. View the entire collection on Pinterest.

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