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Embracing Imperfection + Free Art Print

Yesterday kind of sucked. Nothing particularly bad happened, nothing really happened at all actually. It was just one of those days where I hated everything I made and nothing seemed to be flowing. You know what I'm talking about. We've all been there, probably more often than we care to admit. Even though it comes with the territory of being creative, it's still enough to make me doubt everything, most of all myself. I hate days like this. I can have 100 good days and one of these days is enough to make me question if I'm good enough to be doing what I'm doing.

WHAT!? That's ridiculous and it has to stop. Immediately. We are human, not machines. We cannot produce perfect art 100% of the time. It's just not possible. There is no shame in that and definitely not worthy of doubting our entire self-worth on.

So, I've decided to embrace days like this and try to learn something from them, instead of pretending like they don't happen.

Yesterday I embraced being imperfect and shared it with the Instagram world.

Today I am giving you a free downloadable art print. It's yours. Take it. Print it. Hang it up. Look at it when you're having one of these days. Shake it off. Just don't resell it. :)


 © Hennel Paper Co. For personal use only.

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New Cards + New Adventures

Very excited to announce another batch of new cards now available in the shop. I've been as busy as a little bee lately with more new cards on their way, a full line of holiday cards almost ready for release (hooray for getting a head start this year), custom branding designs and custom weddings. I've also been working on refining the HPC brand and ferociously going after my 2013 goal of taking HPC wholesale.. meaning that HPC products would be sold in stores. How exciting would that be? The day I make my first wholesale order is going to be a day of celebration. But for today, we have brand new editions in the shop. And I have to admit, the new Holla card is my all time favorite thing I have ever created, ever.

I hope you like them!

Blank inside


It was always you.
And it always will be.


You <3
You make me incredibly happy.


Husband & Wife
Cheers to a happy life.


You win.
I've thought a lot about this and have come to a conclusion. I was wrong.


So.. yeah that happened.
Really sorry about that.


Gnome - Happy Birthday!
Inside: "Weeee"


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Hip Hip Hooray We've Got New Birthdays

So that title didn't work out quite as well as I was hoping, but we've got a new line of birthday cards nonetheless. And with every new line I launch I get more and more excited, because that means we are that much closer to having a full line of greeting cards, which is my ultimate goal right now. So to kickoff our birthday line we have seven, fresh off the press, beauties. They are all 5"x7", hand illustrated and printed on natural recycled cover stock. Click on each image to go to the shop listing for more information.

Get 'em while they're hot.
Inside: Just don't count 'em.

Happiest of Birthdays to you.
Inside: Blank

Happy Birthday
Inside: Live it up.

Have a super birthday.
Inside: Hope it's more exciting than a flying dog.  

Mmmake a wish
Inside: You know you want to wish for more cake.

It's your birthday!!
Inside: Hot diggity dog. Enjoy!

Inside: Happy Birthday!

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Life Lessons - Be Good

I'm back today with another life lesson. The last couple weeks have been quiet for me and I had to put down my sketchbook and pencil. Working all day and drawing all night has been putting tremendous strain on my wrist and I've been dealing with some carpal tunnel issues. So to rest and heal I have been limiting the time I spend sketching. This has not been easy and there has been more than a time or two where the husband has walked into the room to catch me drawing. And with that fact I think this is the perfect life lesson for everyone (myself included) today.

Day nine of the Life Lessons hand lettering group project: Be good - most of the time. I believe in being good. I am a rule follower by nature. I don't like to make waves. I think that you should obey the traffic laws and in general just be a good person. I also think there is a time and place to break the rules. I'm not talking about major laws here. I'm talking about the rules we as a society, and as individuals, put in place. The ones about how you shouldn't tell someone you don't like their new hair cut when they ask or keeping quiet just for the sake of politeness. Sometimes you have to speak up. And sometimes you just have to drink coffee at 1am. You know it's not a good idea at the time, but it doesn't matter. The fun you have doing it outweighs the consequences. The risks you take in life are often the things you remember the best.


This life lesson is extra special because it has been submitted to the Minted + West Elm design challenge. Submissions close on 4/26 and voting will begin. If you get over to Minted keep an eye out for my lettering!

More information on this project and how to join in can be found here. View the entire collection on Pinterest.

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Life Lessons: Eight

Day eight of the Life Lessons hand lettering group project -  Stay home if you are sick - Don't be a hero. You don't want to be sick, we get it, but pretending to be well enough to go to work fools no one. And nobody wants what you've got. So don't be a hero. Use those sick days. That's what they're there for. The work will be there when you get back.


More information on this project and how to join in can be found here. View the entire collection on Pinterest.

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Life Lessons: Seven

Day seven of the Life Lessons hand lettering group project -  Use Your Vacation Days. And I mean all of them, because nobody is going to think you are more awesome if you let them expire. Just the opposite actually. So get out there and have fun. Its the best way to recharge and stay motivated. More information on this project and how to join in can be found here. View the entire collection on Pinterest.

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Life Lessons: Six

Day six of the Life Lessons hand lettering group project - Write it down. I can't even tell you how many times a day I think of my "most amazing idea yet" and then its completely gone when I come back to it. I haven't the foggiest what my amazing idea was. Or what I went to the store to get. I know we need it, but I couldn't tell you what it is for the life of me. Sometimes it comes back to me when I'm pulling back in the driveway, other times I am not so lucky. Lesson learned, so now I keep a notepad on my at all times. I use my iPhone to keep track of notes and I send myself emails in the middle of the night. I've got a brain that never stops.


More information on this project and how to join in can be found here. View the entire collection on Pinterest.

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Life Lessons: One

I'm excited to announce the official kick-off of my hand lettering project - Life Lessons. I've spent a lot of time already planning this out, coming up with ideas and working on sketches. I've had this one waiting to post for a few days now and could barely stand the excitement. So here with go with Life Lessons Day One: Tip your waitress.


And if you want to join in on the fun please email me at - the more the merrier! I will give you access to the Pinterest board where you can pin your own work. Make sure you tell us a little about it in your pin and that it links back to your website or blog if you have one.

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Hey Y'all

I've been spending a lot of time lately in my sketchbook working on hand lettering projects. This is the latest one. What do you think? I'm sort of in love with it. When Steve and I were in Savannah we stopped in the Paula Dean store and, of course, she had a hey y'all cast iron sign for sale. I wanted it, bad, but it was heavy and didn't want to risk exceeding Delta's bag weight maximum. But that sparked this idea and I'm glad it did. I created a gold and a warm shabby chic cream version. Below those are the original sketch and the inked piece before I worked on it digitally.

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Share Your Passion

I've been doing a lot of experimenting lately with hand lettering and discovered this video by Ryan Hamrick for Holstee. He talks about how he got started and his passion for creating his stunning work. I especially love that he talks about how he couldn't get the time to move fast enough when he was working regular 9-5 jobs, and now that he is doing something he loves he wishes he could slow it down instead. I remember having these days working office jobs, looking at the clock every five minutes thinking an hour must have passed since the last time I looked and just feeling that devastation when I realized it had only been five and a half minutes. Its funny how the days fly by now when I spend them in my studio. It's after 5p.m. before I even know it and I'm wishing for more time.

I thought it would be fun to share a recent piece I've been working on. It's fitting for the topic of this post today and I am really loving how it turned out. It's going to be part of my new personal portfolio site that I am working on to show some of my recent design and lettering work. I can wait to launch it to show off all my new goodies.

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