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52 Week Art Challenge: October

October's art challenge is done and I did them a little differently this month. I've been spending a lot of time working on the the iPad in the Procreate app. I really love the flexibility it provides and not to mention the fact that I can work on the couch with the tv on instead of being tied to my desk. Most of my creative time happens late, like really late, after everything else is done for the day, so it's nice to be able to relax a little while I'm still working into the wee hours of the night. Good thing I really love what I do. :) I'm so excited about these new pieces. I hope you are, too!

The World Awaits © Jayme Hennel - Hennel Paper Co.
Bon Voyage © Jayme Hennel - Hennel Paper Co.
This Way to Adventure  © Jayme Hennel - Hennel Paper Co.
Adventure Calls  © Jayme Hennel - Hennel Paper Co.
Vintage Camper  © Jayme Hennel - Hennel Paper Co.
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Adventures in North Carolina: Oak Island

Our most recent trip was to Oak Island, a seaside town on the southeast coast of North Carolina. Less commercialized than the ever amazing Wrightsville Beach, this is the perfect little town for a relaxing beach weekend. We spent most of our time on beautiful Long Beach, walking for miles with no end in sight. Long Beach allows dogs year round, which is one of the major reasons we decided to visit. We love including our pup on our trips and he loves it just as much. This was his first trip to the ocean and once he stopped barking at the waves he really started loving the beach. He was soaked in salt and sand, spent hours chasing the birds and discovered a real distaste for the pelicans. It might be because I'm not accustomed to seeing pelicans on a regular basis, but I actually really like them. They fascinate me and are entertaining to watch as they plop into the water looking for their next meal.

If you're in Carolina and looking for the perfect little beach town getaway, this is it. The only thing about this trip that I didn't like was the fact that we couldn't stay longer.

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