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Life with Lilly: The Spring Cleaning Series

Last weekend I spent sometime weeding out old clothes from my closet. It's almost spring in Michigan, and I say almost because at some point it has to stop snowing, and that means it's time for spring cleaning. I decided to get a jump on it this year, maybe to give the world a hint we're done with winter. Like, really done. We're 3 inches of snow away from being hands down the worst winter on record, and I think I can honestly speak for everyone when I say we are ready for spring.

Somehow every year during the winter months our house becomes so cluttered with stuff. I don't know how this happens exactly or where it all comes from, but every spring we have a porch full of items to donate to Goodwill. Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?

This year, Lilly of course, decided to help. She is a very involved pet. While Linus snoozes on the rug next to me, she is in my face. Most of the time I feel my way through a task because I cannot actually see what I'm trying to do, instead all I can see are whiskers and fur. For some reason she really loves to "help me" wash dishes and open the mail, which means that she mostly likes to get in the sink and sit on the mail, but I like to think that's her brand of helping. So to help me clean out my closet she decided the best place she could possibly be was on top of the donation pile. I make a new pile, she gets on top of it. I relocate her to an equally comfy spot, she is immediately back on the pile. After about five minutes of that game I gave up and just let her stay there.

Pick your battles :)

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