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Making Our Wholesale Catalog

I've been hard at work lately on making a brand new wholesale catalog for the shop. No small undertaking, believe me. The process started with updating the look of our shop and taking all new product photos on a white background. We were previously using a cream burlap and although I liked it, it was washing out the paper color too much. We use a really nice natural recycled paper to make our cards and I wanted that to show in the photos. The white background is nice and crisp and works much easier for laying out things like the catalog. There is no burlap background boxing everything in. See what I mean.

Once the new photos were ready, I created a grouping of editorial style photos to add to the layout and highlight each section. Doing the styled photoshoot was so much fun. I loved laying everything out and spent way too much time at the craft store finding the right pieces to put in each shot. The best part about it though is seeing it all come together with the content and designs that were added to each photo.

Photoshop is a magical thing. I absolutely love how the photos turned out and kind of can't believe everything worked so smoothly on the first run through. I'm not quite sure if it was good planning or if I just got lucky. Maybe a little of both.

Much like my Instagram account, the theme of the catalog is all about the sketchbook. That's where everything starts and I wanted to emphasize the process that makes us unlike anyone else. A drawing style is much like your own handwriting. Everyone's is different. It's visibly recognizable in it's own way. Seemed to me like the perfect way to market our designs and create a unique, recognizable message for our buyers to connect with.

Are you a retailer interested in seeing the whole catalog? Send me a message and I'll get you all set-up.

Psst.. By the way since we opted to keep our catalog in an e-version only right now we found this this great template that we used for the top catalog photo. Pretty nifty, huh? Again, the magic of Photoshop.


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