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Love Blooms

A couple years ago for our anniversary, Steve gave me a little baby rose bush. It was in a miniature pot and had the sweetest teeny, tiny, little bloom on it. I am not so great at keeping plants around, but amazingly enough I have been able to keep this little plant alive for over two years. It's gigantic now compared to when we got it and what's even more exciting is that after two and a half years, our sweet little rose is blooming again. It had been so long since it first bloomed, we had sort of accepted the fact that it probably wouldn't happen again. But lo and behold, there it is. I'm so happy we were wrong. Hopefully it won't be another few years before it flowers again. It's too pretty to wait so long in between.

The three pots on the right are the cat's. We're currently attempting to grow a pot of cat grass and two pots of cat nip. As you can see, the cat nip never last long. They are basically demolished immediately upon sprouting.

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