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Studio Snapshots

Last weekend, Steve and I spent some time working to make the studio more organized and efficient. It really had the post-Christmas disaster zone look going on. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Everything was everywhere. Thankfully we were able to not only get it cleaned up, but we also reorganized the layout to make everything 5S, as Steve keeps calling it. Which basically means we set everything up to go around the room in the order that I produce items.


1.) Computer to print order 2.) Print & Envelope station 3.) Score, Fold, Cut 4.) Pack 5.) Ship
It goes around the room in a full circle now and that is so sooo nice because it really streamlines the process and helps to avoid any mix-ups or confusion. I took a few shots of the new and improved layout.


I love the cafe lights, they make the room so cheery. Our shop sign is almost done. It still needs a second coat of paint, but it's getting there. If you are interested in seeing a picture of this sign in the making there is one here on Instagram. I took the original drawing I did for our logo, transferred it over and then hand painted it on this huge board. I'm pretty smitten with it.


The studio is my favorite part of our house. It's so calm and peaceful in there and filled with endless possibilities. Plus, my little babies follow me up there and help me work. Well, they mostly nap while I work, but I think that counts.

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