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April Showers Bring May Flowers

It's finally starting to warm up around here and we've been getting a lot of rain. I love the rain, especially when I know it's going to bring us beautiful spring flowers. I put together a few of my favorite Etsy items to celebrate the season. Aren't they pretty?

1. Flower Wall Calendar - DURIDO

2. Succulent Mason Jars - Bearfruit Succulents

3. Wild Flower Embroidery Hoop Art - Kawaii Sakura Handmade

4. Flower Notebook - Posy Paper

5. Peony Postcard - Oana Befort

5. Floral Folk Art Pillow Case - Giardino

6. Rose Pouch - Studio Liscious

7. Flower No. 004 Print - Oda Photography

8. Whimsical Bouquet - Fairyfold Weddings

9. Spring No. 2 Print - Amber Alexander

10. Poppy Jar Print - Satchl & Sage

11. Patterned Note Cards - Evermore Paper Co.

12. Letterpress Notebook - Cerulean Press

14. Silver Tumbler - My Frenchy Cottage

15. Love Rose Print - Retro Menageries

16. Flower Block Print Art - Katharine Watson

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Grey Skies

This winter is starting to feel like it may last forever. We've been watching the snow fall for months now and I don't remember a time that I have ever seen more snow on the ground. The air is crisp, the skies are grey and I'm not quite sure of the last time the sun peeked through the clouds. You know what that means, online window shopping while snuggled up under a blanket with some hot cocoa, of course. These are some of my recent Etsy favorites.

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