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Daily Project Kickoff Details

The official details for my daily project previously talked about are here. As I mentioned before, I've been pulling a lot of inspiration from other designers' daily projects and decided to start one of my own. Lately I have been spending a lot of time exploring hand lettering and have really been loving it. So it seemed fitting to base my project on that so that I can sharpen my skills and build up some work.

Some of the rules I posted before were:
1.) I want to do something unique. and 2.) I want create my work based on a theme.
I know hand lettering projects aren't unique so I am basing all of my drawings on the theme Life Lessons. This will give my project the uniqueness I was looking for and also focus it to hopefully make a cohesive collection.

3.) I want to showcase varied styles of work within that theme.
This is something that will need to be focused on with every new drawing. It is easy to get comfortable in a certain style of work so I really want to push to have varied pieces.

4.) I want this to remain a fun endeavor.
With that being said the illustrations I do can be very time intensive and to make quality work I can't (and don't want to) rush through them. I'm starting out with a 30 day project. I will be posting new pieces on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

And as part of this project it would be so much fun if others joined in. Anyone can join, the more the merrier, and you don't have to use my Life Lessons theme or even my rules. The only requirement is that you are creating hand lettering and it needs to be friendly for all audiences. I've created a Pinterest board where I will be posting all of my new work in addition to here on the blog. To join this project send me a quick email: handletteringproject at gmail dot com with your Pinterest user name.  (ie: - jaymesloan is my Pinterest user name.)

I wanted to give everyone the details a little early so they can plan ahead. This project officially launches next week on March 20th.

View the Project
Day One: Tip Your Waitress
Day Two: Those Shoes Weren't Worth It
Day Three: Your Mom Was Right
Day Four: First Things First - Coffee
Day Five: Finish this project first before starting the next
Day Six: Write it down.
Day Seven: Use Your Vacation Days
Day Eight: Stay home if you are sick - Don't be a hero.
Day Nine: Be good, most of the time.

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Daily Project Inspiration

I've been drawing a lot of inspiration lately from the daily creative projects of other designers. They range in subject matter and method of creation, but they do share one big common factor - to create. I am a maker by nature, I thrive on it. During my internet surfing it has really become clear to me that this is a great way to push yourself to create new work, build a portfolio of diverse pieces, learn new skills, expand your visual styles and show off your creative talents. Some of the daily projects that have inspired me are:

Daily Dishonesty by Lauren Hom
Hand Written Letters by Mary Kate McDevitt
The Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische
Daily Drawings by Chris Piascik
365 Patterns by Fifth and Hazel
365 Patterns in 2013 by Ollibird
#365 Drawing Project by Sarah Jane
Logo a Day by Dear Miss Modern (this is a little different, but same principle)

I've been thinking about starting one of my own for a while now, and have a few rules that I want to follow. 1.) I want to do something unique. 2.) I want create my work based on a theme. 3.) I want to showcase varied styles of work within that theme. 4.) I want this to remain a fun endeavor. I'm still hashing out the specifics like length of time, type of work, and how often I will realistically be able to post new pieces - keeping in mind rule #4, but I'm really excited about this. The project is going to kickoff on March 21st with full details and how to get involved if you're interested.   

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