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Detroit to Charlotte in under two months

So we're all moved into our new place. It's beautiful here and we are so glad to be settled and adjusting to our new life. The last couple months have been hectic. At the end of April my husband received an offer with his company for their Southeast Territory Rep. Meaning that we would have to be in the Southeast. Moving to North Carolina is something we have both been talking about for a few years now, but never imagined it would actually happen, at least anytime soon. So when he got the offer we jumped at the chance. Our move date was set for June 18th and we had a whole lot to do in not a whole lot of time. 

We own our house in the Metro Detroit and decided that putting it up for rent for a while was the best option, just in case the job doesn't work out and we need to move back. I'm sure that won't happen, but I like to play things safe. So we put the house up for rent. It showed 25 times in two days and rented to a great couple. Everything was going smoothly until about three weeks before the move. Instead of packing and preparing to move across the country, we instead were making all sorts of repairs to the house that we never dreamed of making just so we could pass the city inspections that we were told we didn't need. Ahhhh! Let me just say, if you ever find yourself in this situation, do your research beforehand. We asked all the right questions, but everyone we talked to told us something different. We were in a huge rush and had a million things to do, so we took a recommendation and went with it. We learned the hard way. Thanks to our friends and family, we got everything done by the 18th and only failed the city inspection once :)

June 18th arrived before we knew it. We loaded up our cars and hit the road. 640 miles with the dog and the cat in my car. I was nervous about this for weeks. The first three hours of the drive were rough. Linus and Lilly we're both fantastic the whole time, this was no fault of theirs. I made the mistake of keeping the Lilly's chirping bird in the toy basket in the backseat, just out of reach. An oversight that drove me to the brink of insanity. Did I mention that it's motion activated? Every time we hit even the slightest bump the bird would start chirping. In return the cat would meow at it. Chirp chirp chirp, meow, chirp chirp, meow, chirp, meow.. three hours. I called Steve and told him we had to stop at the next rest area. I chucked it in the trash and we went on our merry way. The rest of the drive was smooth sailing.

So here we are. I'm adjusting to working for myself fulltime, living in a new state and trying to keep all of the local roads straight. It's definitely a lot going on, but we're both really loving Charlotte. We've been going out and exploring everything the city has to offer including the gorgeous pool at our complex. Last weekend we took Linus to the nearby greenway and he got to walk to his heart's content. We're in walking distance to a Super Target and have been to West Elm about eight times already. Life is good.


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