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52 Week Art Challenge: Week 13

Week 13 is here and it's all about flowers for the month of April. Spring has arrived in Charlotte. The flowers are blooming and there is a thick layer of yellow pollen all over everything. Hopefully some of this rain will help wash it away as the weather continues to warm up. For this week's art challenge, I drew a collection of wild flowers.

Below is my inked sketch. I used a Micron pen to ink over my pencil drawing then scanned and imported it into Photoshop. From there I digitally painted the color and added texture. I'm always partial to the black and white sketches. It's my favorite part of the process. The final version of this design is going to turn into a lovely spring pattern. 

Hop over to Instagram and use the hashtag #spankysartparty to see what everyone has been working on. We have so many people participating now! And it's not too late to join us. Jump in at any point, it's okay! Just do what you can. You can always go back and catch up later if you want to. Make sure to tag all of your work with our hashtag #spankysartparty so we can all find it.

Read the original challenge post here.

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Bits & Pieces

This year one of my goals was to improve my pattern design skills. One of the main ways I've been working towards this is by participating in the weekly Spoonflower design contest. Every week is a different subject matter giving me the chance to create a wide range of patterns. This week's contest is extra special because Spoonflower teamed up with Moda Fabrics for the annual Fabric8 design challenge. With over 800 entires and I was lucky enough to be one of 100 semi-finalists. Of those 100, 8 finalists will be chosen to create a whole collection based on their submitted design. And those 8 will be narrowed down to one winner. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I get the chance to be one of the finalists. I would so love to create a collection that has the chance to be picked up by Moda. Below, I created mock-ups of a tote bag and pillow for some inspiration of what this pattern can be turned into. Now I just need to learn how to sew.

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