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Peppy block prints now in the shop

How fun are these new cards? The neon trend is in full swing right now and I feel like I'm back in the 90's. I loved neon pink then and I love it still today, so it was only natural to incorporate it into some of my prints and these seemed like the perfect ones to do that with. They are spirited, peppy and begging to be sent. For those of you who aren't quite as infatuated with neon as I am, the kraft/black option might be more your style. It still makes a fun statement with a little less girl power to it. More details in the shop: Hi & Yay!

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Sending Our Love

Oh happy day! We've got two new block print note cards in the shop and just in time for Valentine's Day. We're digging the unique hand printed quality of all our block prints so much lately. Each and every piece has its own unique look which makes each card special. Send some love to all of the special people in your life this year. Valentine's day cards are not just for kiddos anymore.  xoxo

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New Products: Block Print Note Cards

I'm really excited to introduce a couple new items that were added to the shop this week. Our snowflake block prints cards were such a hit I decided to create a few more designs, the Bow and the Stag. I'm love love loving both of these cards so much, but am completely dying over the Stag. I'm not sure what exactly it is about antlers.. but they are so much fun. It has to be something about the organic shape combined with the rustic vibe they give off. They would be perfect for the holiday season to give with gifts or as thank you notes, and the kraft paper option would really just be a nice greeting card for anytime of the year for guys and gals alike. Speaking of cards to give with gifts, the bow is just perfect year round. I'm completely enamored with kraft paper. Its so subtle and versatile, and when paired with a fun hand printed design the white ink pops right off the paper, giving such a strong statement without being overdone. Okay, enough swooning over these for now. I hope you all love them as much as I do.

I've also been busy working on another new set of designs that I just cannot wait to announce. But for now I'm going to keep it quiet until I am closer to launching them in January.

Visit the shop for more details on our new cards.

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