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52 Week Art Challenge: Week 10

Week 10 finished art for my 52 week art challenge. I love humming birds so much. 🌸 They are beautiful and really funny to watch interact with each other. We have lots of them that live near by and they are always zipping around and chirping at me. They zoom around me in circles, probably warning me to move on, but I can't help but laugh. They are fiercely territorial and will fight off anyone that gets in the way of their next meal, you know, in the cutest/tiniest way possible. For such small birds, they sure do have the courage of lions. 

hennel paper co humming birds illustration

I created this week's art first with a sketch on paper then I inked the design with a Micron pen, as usual. After that I digitally painted the design with the Procreate app on my iPad. From there I took the piece into photoshop to adjust the layout and do the finishing touches. I love this one so much. It's going to be added to my spoonflower shop very soon. 

hennel paper co hummingbird sketch

Hop over to Instagram and use the hashtag #spankysartparty to see what everyone has been working on. We have so many people participating now! And it's not too late to join us. Jump in at any point, it's okay! Just do what you can. You can always go back and catch up later if you want to. Make sure to tag all of your work with our hashtag #spankysartparty so we can all find it.

Read the original challenge post here.

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