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29 Accomplished in Twenty-nine

Today I am saying goodbye twenty-nine. It's been a lot of fun. This was a monumental year. Difficult at times, but worth every single second. And at the end of it I feel stillness. Calm. I started the year with this blog post about feeling restless and searching for more and this one about making the most of 29. Mission accomplished. I ended this year with a sense of complete accomplishment and peace.

As I listed out what my biggest triumphs from the past year I couldn't believe some of the things that are on there. I still can't really. Small actions really add up over the course of a year. A year from now you'll wish you had started today, right? I couldn't agree more with that. So here we go.. my 29 from 29 list in, no particular order.

1. Attended Making Things Happen (MTH)
2. Turned down the volume on my chronic anxiety
3.  Started my business
4. Read a heck of a lot of books
5. Got back into drawing
6. Discovered a passion for illustration & lettering
7. Stayed on Mackinac Island with Steve and Linus
8. Visited North Carolina <3
9. Exhibited in two craft shows
10. Accepted into the National Stationery Show (though I have decided to wait another year)
11. Saw my beautiful friend's brand new baby right after he was born - yay Ben!
12. Visited Bell Isle, the Riverwalk in Downtown Detroit and Eastern Market
13. Tried my hand at painting with watercolor and gouache
14. Got back into printmaking
15. Completed all kinds of DIY projects from Pinterest
16. Cleared out the clutter from our ENTIRE house
17. Turned an extra bedroom into the business' office
18. Defined my direction and vision for my company
19. Attended two Making Brands Happen webinars
20. Grew a stronger marriage with my husband
21. Cooked an entirely homemade Thanksgiving dinner (and it was delicious)
22. Purchased a letterpress
23. Spoke up when I had something to say
24. Started learning to do product photography and fell in love with photo styling
25. Made some wonderful friends at MTH in NC
26. Let go of perfection - maybe the most important accomplishment this year
27. Painted a portrait of Snoop Dogg  :)
28. Started thinking about babies
29. Slowed down

Twenty-nine is over and its time to move on. I've got more to do, bigger and better, even more awesome to fulfill. Its time to get going. Let's do this thirty.

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