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When Whitney English Calls You..

You answer! Don't send her to voicemail because you don't recognize the number. I will never make that mistake again. No seriously. I got a phone call from, the one and only, Whitney English a couple days ago. Mind blown. I'm still in shock a little bit. So not only does Whitney call me up on a Wednesday afternoon like it's no big thing, but she offers me a scholarship to the Stationery Academy! And I thought it wouldn't have been possible to blow my mind even more.

Completely stunned.

For those of you who don't know, the Stationery Academy is a two day intensive workshop being held in Dallas, TX this year for new stationery entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to get their business going strong.

So, I'm basically living in the world where when Whitney calls and personally invites you to something, you accept. End of story. She is up there with Martha Stewart. If you know me even in the slightest, you know exactly what that means. How can I possibly explain having to decline her ever so generous invitation? It wasn't easy. It broke my heart more than a little bit. Just writing this makes me upset. I want to be there. I want to make the wonderful connections I could gain with the other attendees and speakers. I want to hear the wisdom from these industry leading experts. I want to graciously accept this generous offer. But I didn't. I called her back and told her the opposite of what I wanted to. My heart was screaming, "No! What are you doing?!" But ultimately it wasn't in my plan or budget to attend SA this year and with it being only a few short weeks away, I just couldn't make it work.

Even though I'm half heart broken, this has sparked a new fire in me. I am already an extremely ambitious and motivated person, so this is overdrive now. I have work to do.  So my plan is this - advance my business as much as I would have if I attended this workshop. It probably won't happen the exact same way, and I'm sure I'm going to make some mistakes along the way, but I'm darn well going to make my very best effort. I don't want to look back on the hard decision I had to make this week and regret it.

And Whitney, if you ever happen to read this.. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am eternally honored that you reached out and offered me such a great opportunity. You absolutely made my entire year. xo

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