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Dear 30.. Let's be friends.

Since I posted my 29 accomplished in 29 list it only makes sense to do a 30 in 30 list as a follow-up and reminder to myself for when I get distracted in the monotony of everyday life. Turning thirty is not the easiest of milestones and to counteract that I am focusing on the good. No. Nope. I'm focusing on the GREAT. I feel like I finally have a solid footing and I am just getting started. My overarching goal for this year: have fun in the everyday. Life is way too short to postpone that. So my plan is to do all of the things on my list and have a blast doing them. Let's go:

1. Start running and complete a 10k - started running, but never made it to the 10k.
2. Start offering custom illustration and branding work - Done!
3. Return to the custom weddings invitation game on my own terms - (no more hand trimming) - Done!
4. Take HPC wholesale - Done. Yay!
5. Get a cute swim suit and go swimming in lake Michigan - didn't quite happen this year
6. Take up calligraphy - Focused more on hand lettering instead, but I have started practicing my calligraphy
7. Get a bike (with a bell) & go biking with Steve - DONE!
8. Travel: Boston, MA, and Wilmington, NC (Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, Michigan's UP, and Traverse City, MI.
9. Plant and not kill a garden - Done!
10. Wear more cute skirts - Done!
11. Redo our backyard deck - Built a privacy fence, got a new furnace and central air and installed new basement windows instead, the deck got moved to 2014.
12. Get on my web game - be more efficient in html & css
13. Learn (well, relearn) French
14. Take a class - Took a few skillshare classes
15. Go horseback riding
16. Wake up on time to make more of my day, in other words stop hitting snooze - I like to sleep guys. This happened maybe two thirds of the time, but I am getting better.
17. Code a new portfolio website (in progress)
18. Go to a concert with Steve
19. Create a cohesive, accomplishable (and amazing) five-year business plan - Done!!
20. Get fancy at cooking - Done!
21. Take Linus on adventures - Done! We took him all over the place including the cider mill and on vacation with us to Traverse City.
22. Start a daily creative project (just started this yesterday) Done, but proved to just be too much.
23. Participate in Blogging for Books - Done!
24. Get my letterpress on
25. Knit some really cute knee socks (like this) - Nope, but I did knit some other really cute other.
26. Start writing a book - started collecting my thoughts
27. Focus on quality not quantity - WIP
28. Create a giant painting for our living room - WIP
29. Cook my way through Clean Start
30. Do something for the greater good - WIP
Bonus: Attend a conference

And there it is. It's going to be a fun year.

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