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"How do you do that?"

Hello lovelies! It's been a busy week. I've been meeting with vendors, making new product lines, shipping orders and everything in between. Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions about how I make my art. Specifically about how I take the black and white sketches that I post on Instagram from my sketchbook and turn them into full color illustrations. There are a lot of different ways to do this. I use a few different methods depending on what I'm making, its end use and what I feel like doing < the perks of being your own boss. Typically I use either Photoshop, Illustrator or Procreate. No matter which direction I go, my art always starts on paper, that's where I think best, and then I add color and texture digitally. It's a hybrid of traditional and digital media. 

In the method I'm showing you here, the process went like this:
Pencil drawing on paper
Inked drawing with black marker (inking is not necessary for this method)
iPhone photo of drawing imported into the Procreate app on my iPad
Played with color and textured in Procreate until it looked cute enough to stop :)

hennel tea cup sketchbook

Now if I could only illustrate everything that fast! xo

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Oooh, fancy new portfolio site!

I've been working on a new portfolio site to give my art a home, because I draw more than just cards you know. Maybe you didn't know that actually. Well, it's true. I draw A LOT and make a lot of art that is used for all kinds of things. I license that art to manufacturers for use on products. I sell it outright to companies. I put that art up for sale on websites like Spoonflower where you can purchase fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper. It's so much fun! So here she is. A brand new home for all of my lovely illustrations. Have a look! If you're interested in licensing any of my art, let's have a chat and make that happen!

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New Valentine's Day Cards

New Valentine's Day cards are here including some anti-Valentine's Day cards, too. We have tons and tons of love cards in the shop, so make sure to check them all out right here

And because we love the new Bat Crap card so much, here is a behind the scenes shot showing the before and after. The original inked drawing is on the right compared to the final product on the left. After inking, I scan my design and use Photoshop to adjust the letter spacing, sizing and then add color. It's always fun for me to compare the original with the finished design.  

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Making Our Wholesale Catalog

I've been hard at work lately on making a brand new wholesale catalog for the shop. No small undertaking, believe me. The process started with updating the look of our shop and taking all new product photos on a white background. We were previously using a cream burlap and although I liked it, it was washing out the paper color too much. We use a really nice natural recycled paper to make our cards and I wanted that to show in the photos. The white background is nice and crisp and works much easier for laying out things like the catalog. There is no burlap background boxing everything in. See what I mean.

Once the new photos were ready, I created a grouping of editorial style photos to add to the layout and highlight each section. Doing the styled photoshoot was so much fun. I loved laying everything out and spent way too much time at the craft store finding the right pieces to put in each shot. The best part about it though is seeing it all come together with the content and designs that were added to each photo.

Photoshop is a magical thing. I absolutely love how the photos turned out and kind of can't believe everything worked so smoothly on the first run through. I'm not quite sure if it was good planning or if I just got lucky. Maybe a little of both.

Much like my Instagram account, the theme of the catalog is all about the sketchbook. That's where everything starts and I wanted to emphasize the process that makes us unlike anyone else. A drawing style is much like your own handwriting. Everyone's is different. It's visibly recognizable in it's own way. Seemed to me like the perfect way to market our designs and create a unique, recognizable message for our buyers to connect with.

Are you a retailer interested in seeing the whole catalog? Send me a message and I'll get you all set-up.

Psst.. By the way since we opted to keep our catalog in an e-version only right now we found this this great template that we used for the top catalog photo. Pretty nifty, huh? Again, the magic of Photoshop.


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Behind the scenes with our Father's Day cards

A behind the scenes view at the making of our new Father's Day cards. I just love the difference between the black and white drawing and the finished art, don't you? It's so exciting to see them come to life.

Don't forget, Father's Day is June 15th! You can find all of our cards here in the shop and also on Etsy.

Follow us on Instagram @jaymesloan for more behind the scene peeks. 

Wishing you a smooth Father's Day

Wishing you a smooth Father's Day

"Screw Flowers"

"Screw Flowers"

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Behind the Scenes with our Easter Cards

I've been having a lot of fun lately documenting the before and after pics of our recent new releases. I think it's so interesting to see the original sketch compared to the final product. Sometimes the drawings are used exactly as I made them and sometimes I put a lot of time into tweaking them digitally before I'm happy with how they look. Don't you just love how the color brings them to life? It amazes me every time. These are some the before and after shots of our new Easter cards.

Follow me on Instagram for more updates like this: @jaymesloan

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Studio Snapshots

Last weekend, Steve and I spent some time working to make the studio more organized and efficient. It really had the post-Christmas disaster zone look going on. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Everything was everywhere. Thankfully we were able to not only get it cleaned up, but we also reorganized the layout to make everything 5S, as Steve keeps calling it. Which basically means we set everything up to go around the room in the order that I produce items.


1.) Computer to print order 2.) Print & Envelope station 3.) Score, Fold, Cut 4.) Pack 5.) Ship
It goes around the room in a full circle now and that is so sooo nice because it really streamlines the process and helps to avoid any mix-ups or confusion. I took a few shots of the new and improved layout.


I love the cafe lights, they make the room so cheery. Our shop sign is almost done. It still needs a second coat of paint, but it's getting there. If you are interested in seeing a picture of this sign in the making there is one here on Instagram. I took the original drawing I did for our logo, transferred it over and then hand painted it on this huge board. I'm pretty smitten with it.


The studio is my favorite part of our house. It's so calm and peaceful in there and filled with endless possibilities. Plus, my little babies follow me up there and help me work. Well, they mostly nap while I work, but I think that counts.

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Illustration Process Snapshots

So today I thought it would be fun to show a little glimpse of my illustration process. This is something that I've been working on for a while now and I ended up writing a detailed explanation of the entire process, where I go into specifics on each step. If you're interested in seeing how I do it, hop over here and get the whole scoop.

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