52 Week Art Challenge: Week 7

The houses continue! Week 7 is coming at you with a sweet little European-inspired town. Makes me want to start planning a vacation. Speaking of vacations, I'm getting ready to head out to Los Angeles for Papercamp. I was the lucky winner of a scholarship to attend and I really couldn't be more grateful or completely excited. That's not really a vacation, but it's going to be just as good. The houses will continue next week then we move onto March's theme: Birds! (How is it almost March already?!) 

houses - week 7 - hennel paper co

Hop over to Instagram and use the hashtag #spankysartparty to see what everyone has been working on. We have so many people participating now! And it's not too late to join us. Jump in at any point, it's okay! Just do what you can. You can always go back and catch up later if you want to. Make sure to tag all of your work with our hashtag #spankysartparty so we can all find it.