Life with Lilly

If you don't already know, we adopted a cat from a local shelter in 2009, named Lilly. You can read about that (and then some) here. She is sweet and cute and absolutely fully of personality. So full of personality in fact, that I've decided to start a little column here on the blog to share some of her stories with you, called Life with Lilly. It's mostly going to be funny photos of her non-sense and shenanigans. And here it goes..


One thing I love more than Nate Berkus is Target, put them together and you've got a winning combination in my book. We purchased this basket to keep our mail in and our counter top tidy, but upon bringing it home, it was immediately reclaimed (along with everything in it) as a miniature sized cat bed, or maybe she is just an over-sized cat. You can find her here at any given point during the day. Need something out of that basket? You're going to have to wait your turn. My favorite thing about this situation is that half of her body doesn't even fit and you know she cannot be that comfortable. But still, it's hers and she loves it.