The Journey Begins


Today was a huge day for Hennel Paper Co. I sent all of my product lines to print. HECK YES! I am excited and overly nervous all at the same time. Its so easy to get lost in your computer monitor like its another world all together, but seeing the proofs today from my wonderful print house was a gigantic leap towards reality and the future of HPC. I don’t know if this venture will be successful. And I definitely don’t know if I will make a dime on it. But I have faith. And most of all I have love. Love for what I do and love from my friends and family.

Our website is officially live: I would love it if everyone would sign-up for the newsletter and share it with their friends. The shop launch will be within the next two weeks and I cannot wait! I’ve been hoarding all of my drawings in my sketchbook and am dying to share them all with you. (Psst.. some of the new products are featured on the website!)

The journey begins.

Jayme HennelComment