Online Shop Coming Soon


It’s been an exciting time at the Hennel house. Quiet on the blog front, but busy in the studio. Our bright, shiny, new studio. It makes me happy just to think about our new space. Beyond redoing one of our spare bedrooms, turning it from complete chaos into a calm and pretty office, we’ve also been busy starting a legit business. Woohoo! I make it a point to say legit because up until this point I have been doing freelance custom wedding invitations in my free time, usually for friends and family, and also for a few select clients here and there. I made a decision after my last project that I was going to change how I was doing things. I wanted an official business with taxes, an accountant, an online shopping cart, a little thing called profit, and work beyond custom wedding invites. And most of all I wanted to incorporate my custom art. I mulled over the idea and direction I wanted to take for a long time and this post contributed a great deal to my decision.

I am very delighted to say that Jayme Sloan Hennel LLC is now in business. With this company I am going to be running a boutique stationery shop online featuring hand drawn art on notecards, invitations and art prints under the name Hennel Paper Co. I plan to expand the product line as the business grows to include custom wedding invitations, personal stationery and branding collateral. In addition to the paper company I plan to do custom print and web design work under Jayme Sloan Hennel Creative. The creative side will come later this year/early next year. One business at a time.

I am currently working on a gorgeous logo for Hennel Paper Co. along with a website + blog. I will be blogging here with more details as they are finalized. I am putting together a newsletter list for the business launch. If you are interested in being on the newsletter list and receiving updated shop information please sign-up here. You never know, there might even be a discount code in the first email I send out I am so incredibly excited about this news and what the future holds for the Hennel Paper Co. Stay tuned. Lots more to come.